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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dark Zodiac

Dark Zodiac is a collab project that I worked on with Mariana Ikuta. We explored the dark side of astrology signs. We also wrote stories based on their worst traits.

Long, long ago, there was a kind young goddess who roamed around the sea. One day, a ship was wrecked in the middle of the sea. The goddess heard the people's cries for help. She walked to where they were and tried to help, but she realized that she could neither touch nor talk to them. She had to silently watch people drowning in the sea. They screamed, “Oh Goddess, please help us!” She saw that they were in pain, so she took her magic vase and poured cold water into the sea. The people’s bodies instantly froze and sank deep into the ocean, releasing people from their agony.

A traveler passed by a small town deep in the mountain. The townspeople warned him of a girl with horns on her head. She was usually playful, but she would break things and hurt people when she was unhappy. They talked about one instance where she slashed a man’s throat with a piece of glass. The traveler bid them farewell and walked deeper into the mountain. He walked for days. When he sat on a mossy rock to find his breath, he heard a girl’s voice from behind. “What are you doing here, mister?” It was a girl with horns on her head. She was small and frail, just like his daughter. “I am looking for the Yggdrasil leaf that can cure any illness.” She smiled, “I know where it is. If you play with me, I will let you have one.” So the traveler played all her favorite games with her. After a few days, he became impatient. “May I please have the leaf now?” “But we were having fun,” the horned girl said in a loud angry voice. “We played enough games together,” the traveler raised his voice as well. The horned girl led him to the Yggdrasil tree on the top of a cliff. The traveler saw that there was only one leaf left on the branch. When he reached for it, the horned girl snatched it away and ate it. “That was for my sick daughter!” the traveler cried. She sneered and ran away.

There were twin girls who never wanted to be apart. They merged their bodies together in their mother’s womb before they were born. Mal and Mel were different since they were little. Mal wanted to play all day, but Mel secretly yearned to be alone. Sometimes they walked at midnight to find someone they could play with when they could not fall asleep. They do this when they get bored of playing by themselves. One night, they found a young girl about their age. “Want to play with us?” Mal asked. The girl agreed, and they took a stroll around the town together. Mal suddenly had a great idea. “Let’s go to Mrs. Lay’s house and play with her cats!” Mel disagreed. “I don’t want to play with her cats. They scratch me sometimes. Let’s go to Mr. Blue and play with his dog. What do you think?” Mel asked the girl, but she couldn’t decide either. “Let’s go play with cats,” Mal said while pulling the girl’s arm. “Let’s go play with dogs,” Mel said while pulling the girl’s other arm even harder. She felt annoyed of her sister. “CATS!” Mal yelled. “DOGS!” Mel yelled as well. They were yelling at each other so loud that they could not hear the girl’s screaming. They did not notice that they were ripping her apart in half. When they finally calmed down, they realized that they couldn’t play with the girl anymore. “I didn’t want to play with cats or dogs anyway.” “Me too.” They went back home and slept peacefully.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who was adored by everyone. Everyone in her country also loved and admired her because she was giving. They obeyed and listened to whatever she would tell them. The princess had a peculiar way of spending her playtime. She stood on her servants and asked them to stay still while she pretended to be the king of animals. She would give humiliating orders to the servants and dig her nails into their skin if she was not satisfied. No one minded since they all loved her very much. The princess would always award them greatly after playtime. The servants actually considered it a blessing to be able to play with her. Also, no one dared to question her especially when she put on her mask.

An angel waits in front of the heaven’s door. She weighs your heart to see if you had been good when you were alive. If you were a good person, your heart will be lighter than the feather. She will let you pass into the heaven’s door. If you had been bad, your heart will be heavier than the feather. She will direct you to the stairs of Hell. She must judge someone sorely based on their past actions. She cries of blood, for she is tormented to do this task. She knows that no one is either truly good or evil deep inside. It’s hard to make a decision, she tells herself. She then decides not to look into their hearts anymore. Even though she still weighs their hearts, she judges people according to their beauty. She lets all the beautiful people into the heaven’s door while she sends ugly people to the stairs of hell. Her job is much easier now.

There was a girl who hated being bored. Every second of her life had to be exciting. She could not stay in one place for too long. She became so afraid of boredom that she even invented bubbles that could always take her somewhere new. She was also afraid that no one will love her, so she created arrows that could make people instantly fall in love with her. They would follow her everywhere after they got shot with her arrows believing that she was their friend. She got bored of moving around just for the sake of it, so she decided to have fun with the ones who followed her. She went to dangerous places just to see the people get hurt or even die. She was never bored afterwards.

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