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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kiboko + Robert + Eunie Collaboration at Lock 7 Cafe

This was my "last" chance to paint with the collective members in London. I say "last" because I don't know when we will paint together in London next time.
We were painting at the Lock 7 Cycle Cafe, which is located next to the canal. It is one of the most unique cafes I have ever been to, it's definitely worth the visit!

I'm so thankful to Kiboko, whom I greatly respect and admire, for giving me the opportunity to experience joy in creating art works through collaboration. He is my 先生 (sensei), a good friend, and my favorite artist until I draw my last breath.

Kiboko and the collective members made my stay in London worthwhile. I hope I can meet them again soon, maybe this time in another country!

My current destination is South Korea. I've decided to spend more time with my mother and grandmother before I move back to New York City.

Photographs by Stephen Wong

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