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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Monster

This was a monster that often came out in my nightmares when I was a child. Memories!

Stitched tracing paper on top of white felt fabric.
This work is pretty old... I think it's from 2-3 years ago.
I just wanted to put it up as a reminder to myself that I should illustrate more on fabric. I love to stitch...


  1. Hi Eunie, it's Maria (I met you at my exhibition last month, thanks for coming by the way)!

    I just came round to looking at your blog. The bold outlines of your work make striking images!

    I think the above image of your stitched work is very interesting... do you think you'd develop it into a series? I think the fabric works really well (homey feel & reality of the fabric vs. the imagined scary monster... brings a strong contrast)

  2. Hello Maria! How have you been? Thank you for checking out my blog!! It's an honour=) I hope you will exhibit your wonderful works soon! I will definitely visit and be amazed by your art works again.

    I would love to develop it into series. I LOVE how you put it that way (homey feel vs scary monster = strong contrast). I've never really thought of it that way until you mentioned it.

    I love your blog... I actually learned so much just by reading your blog entries!

    I hope to see you soon! Once again, thank you so much for checking out my blog=)

  3. No worries Eunie, I enjoyed your blog! I'll check it now and then as your illustrations are so eye-catching

    Thanks for reading my blog, wow I really hope to have another exhibition soon. I'm glad you liked the last one! :D

    Hope to see you soon too! Keep it up!