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Monday, October 25, 2010

Streetfest October 2010: Experience

Streetfest was amazing.

I got to paint the stage wall LIVE while musicians like Roll Deep and Crazy Cousinz were performing right behind me. I can't believe I was with them on the same stage. This was better than being in backstage.

Roll Deep

Crazy Cousinz

Awesome night and music.

I think this was definitely a good experience for me. I love street art, and maybe this influence comes from living in New York City for a long time.

Since this was a live-art event (and this piece will probably be gone by the next Streetfest next year), I tried to paint as quickly as possible. NO COLOUR BLENDING, just hard black outlines with limited colours.

To be honest, I felt like we didn't have enough supplies. We used old markers. I had to use my own black and white acrylic paints for the most part...but we used what we have, and it worked just fine even though I found it a bit difficult to colour in the characters with TINY marker pens that couldn't even fill up the whole white space.

I was quite annoyed when people were ordering me what to do. I wish they could have asked me nicely instead of being extremely irritated. In contrast when I was asking people for help, they looked like they had an annoyed expression on their faces as if I was ordering them when I just wanted to quicken the process to finish the piece (or maybe they were mistaken that I was inconfident or incompetent???).

I learned from this experience to keep it professional and not to show my annoyance and anger even in a slightest form of expression when working with other people.

It's amazing that Adidas sponsored Streetfest to promote originality in London through art and music, as well as promoting their own company (smart advertisement!!). I have to thank Wonda for giving me this great opportunity, chance, and experience. It was a privilege, it really was.

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