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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My first animation in process.
I respect animators even more than ever before... They are the most patient people in the world.
I'll upload my animation in the first week of June (before the deadline).
My own animation project is trying to kill me.... Yes, as you can see, I'm drawing page by page. I'm going to have to scan them all by this week. Putting them together with the Flash program isn't that difficult, it just requires a lot of patience and time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Starting Life Drawing Again

I used to attend the life drawing class for 5-6 hours every week for 2 years when I lived in New York but I haven't been practising since I moved to London... I'm thinking about starting it again.

I once went to the free life drawing session at my university. I felt like it was my first time drawing the figures so I told myself, "I've lost my touch so I need to practice more from now on" but I couldn't go back because I felt extremely intimidated by the tutor there. She wouldn't leave me alone to correct all my mistakes. It was annoying. I would have listened to her nagging with patience if I actually had been in her drawing class for a long time. Then she had every damn right to tell me that I sucked at drawing.

I was totally disappointed in myself when I went to The Prince's Drawing School on Monday. At least the tutor there was very helpful. She actually gave me a constructive criticism. She indirectly pointed out my mistake so I can notice it by myself. If I didn't notice it, then who cares? That means I need more practice.

I'm going back there every Monday from now on. The only thing I didn't like about this free life drawing session at The Prince's Drawing School???
...I wish it was more than 3 hours.