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Monday, April 26, 2010

Camden Stables Market Mural

February - March 2010

Worked on my FIRST ever mural at the Camden Stables Market with IFREECANS Collective. I'm so thankful to the art director (and also my good friend) Kiboko, for giving me the chance to leave a trace of myself in London. It was really fun doing a collaboration with other artists and the IFREECANS collective crew.

My initials, EKJ


I've painted the girl on the right, the bubbly background, and the pattern of birds. I've also helped with colouring the girl on the left, and I've also given her a body^_^

A Painting for my good friend Kiboko

My friend Kiboko and I traded each other's paintings.
I've painted this recently, and I was happy to give it to Kiboko:

Title: Am I...? (Incomplete)


Canvas 12" x 10"
April 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

First Page

My good friends and I are starting a comic book together (It was Kiboko's excellent idea!). When we get enough pages, we are planning to print and publish the comic book together.
I've started the story, and my friend Alex will be illustrating the 2nd page with his own story (continuing from the story from my first page).

I can't wait!

Source: Hadithi-Hadithi

Me in the Illustration BA studio at the Camberwell College of Arts

LOL! I didn't even notice my tutor Joh was taking pictures around the studio.
I've only posted up the pictures that include me, but if you're curious to see how the studio looks like, CLICK HERE