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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Hero of This Community

I needed to draw an editorial illustration regarding to the headline that I've chosen, which was "Who do you think works hardest for their community?"

Back when I was still living in NY, there was an old man who nagged at everyone over little things. He thought he was helping the community, and I gave him a credit for that by featuring him in my illustration as the man who works hard for his community...with a superhero costume on.

Don't ever take editorial illustration lightly just because the images appear on mass produced magazines or articles. Some artists make 1,000 thumbnails (drafts) before they make one final image that'll be submitted for an article. It was difficult enough for me to think about the basic elements such as composition, typography, and colours. I only had to make 13 drafts for the class, but I wish I could have made 1,000 thumbnails since I'm not satisfied with this one.

Nov. 2009
A3 Poster paper + ink + photoshop

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