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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Summer So Far

Reading countless books:

Photo taken by Eun K. Ju
Yes, I'm quite a bookworm.
1/2 of the shelf = my books.
The other half stores my father's books.

I recently added new books to my collection. I'm happy =)

Eating my favourite Korean apple flavoured popsicle:

Photo taken by Eun K. Ju

Working on New Projects for tomatoxorange:

Photo taken by Eun K. Ju

Keeping myself occupied:

Photo taken by Eun K. Ju
When I'm not drawing, I play the guitar or the piano =)

Eating Cheese Muffins:

Photo taken by Eun K. Ju
Cheese muffin! Only in S. Korea =P I guess it's a cheese cake in form of a muffin? =)

YES, the shape of the cheesecake makes all the difference!!!!! Muffin-shaped cheesecake is the BEST!!! teehee =)

Talking with the person that I love the most, my mother:
Photo taken by Eun K. Ju
My mom, the most beautiful woman I know.
She looks too young for her age. *cough* she's like 50 years old! *cough*

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