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Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to tomatoXorange

I will be posting my works, idea development, and progression on this blog. I've never shared my works publicly (especially on website/online), so I'm nervous and excited to receive people's feedback.

I wanted to reflect on how much I've progressed by updating my old illustrations first. The tool I used to draw (illustrations from 2006 ~ 2008) was just a cheap pen you could get for a dollar. It wasn't a great pen at all. Sometimes the ink refused to come out, and the pen easily broke when I put too much pressure.

I realised that my old drawings reflect what kind of person I am: A Perfectionist. Everything had to be perfect and balanced; the lines, the form, the colour, the contrast...

My philosophy, which I've often expressed through my works, is that there is a hidden beauty in personal/inner pain and suffering. I'm also obsessively intrigued by the process of how we become an adult. How is a childhood lost?

As of now, I try to focus more on narrative rather than style.

I'm aiming to earn BA Illustration at The University of Arts London. As a student, I'm still learning to experiment with various mediums and materials.

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